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Looking for a GREAT JOB? Australian Recruiting Group is always after the very best candidates who are seeking new career opportunities. Whether it is in mining, healthcare, executive, construction, engineering, accounting, banking, industrial, logistics, oil and gas or business support, we can help! We work across virtually all industries and have clients all over Australia.

We can place you in permanent, temporary, part-time or fixed contract employment. Finding what is exactly right for you is what our consultants do best. We listen to you and then we listen some more! We can give you real career or salary advice. We will discuss current employment trends and options for you when you register with us. Registration with Australian Recruiting Group is a totally confidential process. We take this very seriously. Our consultants have relationships with the very best companies all over Australia and we are experts at matching the right people to the right jobs.

We are in business because of you, and here at Australian Recruiting Group, we have never lost sight of why we are here.

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Right People, Right Place, Right Time! That's what we do! Your business is everything to you, we understand that. It is vital you have people who will fit, deliver more than your expectations and meet both your skills and work culture fit for your organisation.

Australian Recruiting Group consultants CARE. Care is a word often lost in today's world. We have never stopped caring about doing a great job and way surpassing your expectations.

Our proof? We are the agency of choice for many of Australia's most successful companies. They come to us because we do a great job. We are more than passionate about finding you the best staff in the marketplace and we won't rest until we have.

We work as our true business partner, and our services are unsurpassed. We have the best consultants in the industry and they are ready right now to work for you.

We can also offer you salary advice, assistance with job descriptions, market trends, and benchmarking. If you have a Human Resource need, we are on at your service.

Try us, and see for yourself.

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Skilled Migration

Australian Recruiting Group's International Labour Team travels the globe sourcing the very best specialist labour for our clients. Many countries are known for their specialised skills and our team is constantly staying up to date with the global labour market so we can bring you the best of the best.

We have brought many thousands of skilled workers to Australia for those clients who have not been able to source Australian labour. Australia is a very large country with a relatively low population base and we as a country have used virtually since foundation. We conduct Australian standard skills testing in our target countries and we have a very comprehensive recruitment process. Australian Recruiting Group's recruitment procedure for skilled labour is the best in the country and for this reason, we have many happy employers and candidates. We have the ability, resources and experience to recruitment in a wide range of fields for skills permitted by the Australian Federal Government and we are happy to call you to discuss what we can do for you. We make the process easy for you.

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ARG Finance Services

Australian Recruiting Group Financial Services is all about YOU. Australian Recruiting Group Financial Services is run by hard working Australians, just like you, and we CARE.

Our qualified and trained specialists understand real working people and families....we are ourselves. We offer QUALITY, IMPARTIAL, SOUND advice to you so that you can achieve your dreams earlier in life and rest soundly at night. Finance and Tax, we do both!!

We can provide mortgages, investment loans, car loans, debt consolidation loans, life insurance and general insurance. We have licenced financial planners who can work with you to understand your goals and allow you to reach them sooner. Have the job and everything that goes with it, so your life can be everything you dreamed it would be. Look after your family and your future, so talk to us today.

Whether personal or business taxation services are needed, then again we are specialists and can help.

Download a copy of our latest finance brochure here!

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