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David Young

Company Founder

David Young is a co-founding Director of Australian Recruiting Group. Up until recently, he was an active working Director in the company but has since taken on a role of mentoring new staff in the business and providing guidance and motivation to his teams.

David is one of Australia’s leading recruiters and is well known and recognized in the human resource industry. He has over 25 year’s local experience and has worked for many of Australia’s most successful and well known corporations. David is a commercial accountant with over 15 years accounting and information technology experience and has worked in the stockbroking, retail, government and information technology arenas. 

In the last 25 years he has worked for, or provided consulting services to 5 of Australia’s largest recruitment companies and has established and successfully managed very sizable recruitment teams across multiple offices. His own company, Australian Recruiting Group was started in 2004 and is now a major National identity in the Australian recruitment industry. Australian Recruiting Group has been recognized as one of Australia's most successful start-up recruitment businesses. It now has a national footprint with international operations and provides human resource services to many of Australia's leading companies and is proudly 100% Australian owned.

David maintains an ultra-elite client base and works personally for some of Australia’s leading blue chip corporations. He has a network of executive contacts built up over several decades of networking and face to face interaction. He believes that nothing replaces personal service, doing great work for clients, and trying your best every single day. 

David manages an Australia wide recruitment team who deliver the very best results to the very best corporations.

For those who work with David, they see him as an individual who is genuinely passionate about doing a great job, a creative business builder who finds solutions, not obstacles to everything he does. David likes to surround himself with people who create and build, who are competitive, passionate and see no boundaries to success.


Greg Nicholson

Company Founder

Bachelor of Business, FCPA

Greg Nicholson is a founding Executive of Australian Recruiting Group which commenced in 2004 and holds the position of Chief Executive. Greg began his career as an Accountant and has over 30 years of experience working in London and Sydney as Chief Financial Controller and Finance Director covering Recruitment, Job Network, Education, Insurance and Banking Industry sectors.

Greg originally comes from Sydney and moved to Brisbane in 1996 where he worked as Finance Director for Sarina Russo Group and Workpac Group. During this time Greg developed a passion for the Recruitment Industry.

Since the founding of Australian Recruiting Group, Greg has played an integral role in developing the business and expanding the operations nationally and internationally.

Greg started the Australian Recruiting Group’s International Skilled Recruitment and Migration business 14 years ago, that provides clients domestically and internationally skilled personnel. Greg has had experience in sourcing personnel from Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, China, Korea, England and Ireland.

Greg has traveled globally to source global partnerships in Philippines, China and Sri Lanka to provide skilled labour from these countries to support clients in a whole range of industries.

Greg is actively involved with working with some of Australian Recruiting Group’s major clients in overseeing negotiation and implementation of major contracts.

As a result of Greg’s travels throughout Australia meeting clients it became apparent that there was a real need to support and take a corporate responsibility in the recruitment and training of Indigenous Australians.

Today Greg brings extensive knowledge in both Domestic and International Recruitment in all Industry Sectors. Both Greg and David Young his co-founding business partner work together to provide Australian Recruiting Group direction and set of values for their staff, candidates and clients that make Australian Recruiting Group one of Australian’s fastest growing Recruitment companies.


Kevin Humphries

Group General Manager

After a highly successful IT career working for blue-chip clients in the UK, New Zealand and Australia, Kevin Humphries transitioned into the recruitment industry in 1995. Initially working for a multi-national recruitment company, Kevin has sourced national and international talent for critical business projects requiring specialist or supplementary skills. He progressed his career in the Sydney and Melbourne recruitment markets before arriving in Brisbane in 2001.

Kevin has a proven track record in managing diverse recruitment teams, to deliver successful solutions to businesses and the candidate base. Since joining the Australian Recruiting Group in 2005, Kevin worked closely with the Directors to increase the national identity of the business.

As part of the Executive Team, Kevin is responsible for the holistic business infrastructure including systems, marketing, HR elements, suppliers and general management. With the growth of the business, Kevin is instrumental in ensuring business improvements, compliance and strategies are in place for future success.

For both new and experienced recruiters, Kevin is a respectable mentor, having had a lifetime of recruitment experience working for Australia’s top-tier recruitment firms.

Kevin is approachable and is a well-known icon in the Queensland Recruitment industry.


James Campbell

Group Financial Director

Bachelor of Business, CA

James Campbell is the Australian Recruiting Group’s Finance Director. He is a Chartered Accountant and has a background in medium sized public Chartered Accounting practices for over 25 years.

James commenced his accounting career in Armidale, NSW, working for 10 years with Roberts & Morrow Chartered Accountants, a practice of approximately 120 Staff and 11 Directors.

James then moved to Dubbo and became a Director of Boyce Accountants, a Regional NSW management accounting practice of approximately 140 Staff and 13 Directors.

In 2007 James’ family and four children moved to Brisbane and joined a suburban accounting practice, where he first commenced dealings with Australian Recruiting Group in his capacity as the businesses external accountant.

James was the external accountant to the group for four years and then joined Australian Recruiting Group in December 2011, following significant growth in the business. He oversees approximately 30 Administration staff, servicing the business across the areas of ITC, Accounting, Payroll and Reception.  He also is responsible for managing the reporting and structural needs and assists with business strategy within the Group working closely with the directors.

James has implemented and chairs monthly management board meetings for the group covering all aspects of the business and its joint venture partners.


Brad Winton

Chief Financial Officer

Brad has had an extensive and diverse career in accounting across industries such as Manufacturing, Retail, Hardware and Electrical Wholesale. From this wealth of experience, he has also gained much knowledge and insight in relation to numerous accounting software packages, accounting requirements and also a penchant for financial reporting and working with data.

Brad joined Australian Recruiting Group in 2007 as Financial Accountant and soon gained a strong understanding of the recruitment industry. During this time, he has seen the company go from strength to strength to the point where the Australian Recruiting Group is a leader playing in the industry.

Over the years, Brad has found the recruitment industry to be challenging, rewarding and fascinating to be involved with. He has been instrumental in the implementation of new accounting software and various processes during his time with Australian Recruiting Group, and is always seeking to find new and improved methods to increase efficiency across the business.

Brad is a member of our Executive Team, and has the full respect of our qualified and excellent Finance and Payroll teams who report to him.


Mark Thiganoff

National Sales Manager

Following a career spanning a number of different industries, Mark Thiganoff began working with Australian Recruiting Group in 2004. Upon joining the team, Mark found that the recruitment industry was one that married perfectly with his personality and lifestyle, and after all these years, considers Australian Recruiting Group as a part of his extended family.

Mark's aim is to create win-win scenarios in all of his working relationships, whether that be with his clients, candidates or fellow employees. He is passionate and caring toward the people he works with and is dedicated to finding positive outcomes from everything that comes his way. Mark is all about empowering his staff and is mindful of their unique attributes that make them who they are. 

With mountains of experience and a passion for his staff, Mark is a valued leader and a well sought after manager here at Australian Recruiting Group.


Ian Garbutt

National Sales Manager

Ian began working with Australian Recruiting Group in 2006, enduring as a respected member of the management team. Ian's active involvement in the establishment of an array of successful recruitment teams across Australia, and his passion for the job makes him a highly valued member of staff.

Starting out as an Apprentice Carpenter, Ian cultivated his career into a respected Builder. Ian's experience in the Construction Industry ignited his passion for the trade and excitement for the people he interacted with. 

Ian's leadership as the National Sales Manager is to be admired. His ability to motivate and inspire the entire recruitment sales force has become his defining role with his go to saying "whatever it takes".

Founded in 2004, Australian Recruiting Group is one of Australia’s leading privately owned recruitment firms providing top class national recruitment and human resource consulting services.

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